Welded Beams

Welded Beams and Columns

A.N.I.L Branded structures aims to be the Global Steel Standard for welded structures. Traditional hot rolled beams and columns do not provide the flexibility for some customers who desire flexibility in design, weight and delivery time frames.

A.N.I.L branded welded beams and columns provides several key advantages to customers.

Adherence to Globally Recognized Quality Standards.

A.N.I.L branded beams and columns are produced according to AS/NZS 3679.2:1996, which specifies requirements for welded I sections for general structural and engineering functions including functions that may require the handling of dynamic and other special loads.

Unlimited Variation in Design

A.N.I.L branded welded structures are produced using steel plates to form a web and two flanges. Limitations on web and flange thicknesses are only limited to the availability of plate thicknesses in the market. This therefore, provides our customers with unlimited variations in design subject to application and fabrication limitations.

Weight and Cost Advantage.

A.N.I.L branded welded structures also provides a weight advantage from hot rolled beams and columns as the plates used in welded structures can be picked to suit customer weight requirements and therefore translate into cost advantage.

Inquiry Requirements

In order to provide an accurate quote, inquiries should contain the following information.

  1. Height In mm (flange)
  2. Width In mm (web
  3. Thickness Of Web In mm
  4. Thickness Of Flange In mm
  5. Kg Per Piece Or Meter Required
  6. Min Yield And Or Tensile Strengths Required.
  7. Usage Of Welded Structure.
  8. Qty In Pieces
  9. Delivery Time Frame
  10. Any Special Testing Requirements If Any.
  11. Value Additions Such As
  12. Blasting And Priming Requirements
  13. Galvanizing Requirements.
  14. Drawings For Cut Outs Etc