Automatic Retrieval Storage Systems

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Alpha VLM is the solution, which can optimize your current storage space and saves your maximum of floor space.

Alpha VLM is the concept, which is without a doubt the platinum choice of Vertical storage system.

It can handle load up to 50,000 kgs and save your costly space by 85%.

Alpha VLM is the sturdy, high bay enclosed system on small foot print. Trays are stored in front and back of the system, in between them an extractor moves up & down with the help of wire rope and drum. It is a four point suspension platform, which is more stable than two suspension platform. Advanced PLC guides the extractor to extract your desired tray and deliver at the Access opening.

At the time of tray goes inside the machine stored goods height measured by sensors and also the weight; base on that system check required space to store the tray in the system and extractor will store it in few seconds. All the trays will be stored in 25 mm height pitch.

There is safety light curtain barrier at the access area to guarantees safety of your operator while storing and retrieving the trays.

Alpha VLM is the ideal solution to store small and medium size parts, which need safe storage and quick retrieval.


Space Optimization

  • ALPHA VLM creates High Storage Capacity on its small foot prints, which guarantees maximum storage density to save maximum possible space.
  • The ALPHA VLMs dynamic tray height sensor system automatically scans and optimises the unit storage height every time a tray is stored in the VLM, which can save your floor space up to 85 %.
  • The storage trays are able to be stored efficiently with the unit’s storage adjustability on 25 mm increments in combination with the available tray sidewall extensions as well as partitions used inside the trays gives maximum flexibility compares to Conventional methods of storing.

Time Saving

  • ALPHA VLM Technology taking goods directly to man.
  • Software that speeds-up picking and put-down operations.
  • Operating conventional Racking systems takes more time, as users need to walk long distances.
  • No halt times as the operator and machine work simultaneously together.


  • In conventional storage system, users have to bend, stretch or even climb ladders to retrieve stored parts. ALPHA VLM allows you to protect the safety of your personnel with maximized ergonomics of the work station. The ALPHA VLM is based on the “goods to man” concept, avoiding danger for the operator.
  • Increase productivity and accuracy by reducing “human error” due to fatigue.

Goods protection

  • ALPHA VLM is the answer for your storage parts security.
  • Operators log in with personalised passwords, and all activity are tracked in real time and a log file can be generated any time.
  • ALPHA VLM can protect all parts from dirt, damage and unauthorized access.


  • Convert existing “storage space” into value added opportunities.
  • Almost double existing storage capacity, which Eliminate moving or expansion costs.
  • ALPHA VLM can be operated from multiple floors so single machine can be used in your multistory premises.


  • By synchronising your company inventory with our Inventory Software, you can create perfect logistic system for your company.
  • You can operate multiple ALPHA VLMs with a single computer.
  • Our Inventory Software can be linked with your SAP/ERP system.

Technical Data

Technical Data

The ALPHA VLM comes in a wide range of models, to select best model for your requirement. Please contact us for any further information and specifications.

Model No. Tray Size
(Width X Depth)
Tray Capacity
(In Kgs.)
Machine Dimensions
(Width X Depth)
ANIL-25LB 3060 x 612 250 3430 x 2340
ANIL-50LB 3060 x 612 500 3430 x 2340
ANIL-25LX 3060 x 816 250 3430 x 2950
ANIL-50LX 3060 x 816 500 3430 x 2950
ANIL-25LL 3060 x 918 250 3430 x 3257
ANIL-50LL 3060 x 918 500 3430 x 3257
Model No. Tray Size
(Width X Depth)
Tray Capacity
(In Kgs.)
Machine Dimensions
(Width X Depth)
ANIL-25XB 2040 x 612 250 2430 x 2340
ANIL-50XB 2040 x 612 500 2430 x 2340
ANIL-25XX 2040 x 816 250 2430 x 2950
ANIL-50XX 2040 x 816 500 2430 x 2950
ANIL-25XL 2040 x 918 250 2430 x 3257
ANIL-50XL 2040 x 918 500 2430 x 3257
Model No. Tray Size
(Width X Depth)
Tray Capacity
(In Kgs.)
Machine Dimensions
(Width X Depth)
Lift Height - Approx- 3 m to 10 m (Taller Models Available on Request)
ANIL-25BB 1224 x 612 250 1615 x 2340
ANIL-50BB 1224 x 612 500 1615 x 2340
ANIL-25BX 1224 x 816 250 1615 x 2950
ANIL-50BX 1224 x 816 500 1615 x 2950
ANIL-25BL 1224 x 918 250 1615 x 3257
ANIL-50BL 1224 x 918 500 1615 x 3257



"D-BAS" Controller

The basic control system supplied with the ALPHA VLM system includes the following machine operation functions:

  • Simple Touch screen Monitor
  • Tray calling & Storing by just a single touch
  • Customizing machine parameters
  • Alarm troubleshooting and reset procedures
  • Manual and semi-automatic machine commands
  • Work cycle management on the basis of “Tray Call” procedures
  • Delete and Add new trays
  • Optimisation & Endurance Run Features

"D-EXP" Inventory Management Software (Optional on External PC)

"D-Exp" Software is the ALPHA VLM Inventory management software package for PERSONAL COMPUTERS with a WINDOWS operating system. Its feature include the option of managing a whole network of ALPHA VLM vertical lift systems as well as offering a complete set of functions of basic software.

IMS can be connected to a company’s SAP/ERP system."
The general IMS functions include:

  • Management of item database:
    • Entering – changing part name & qty in database
    • Code or description of part search in database
    • Manual import-export onto data files
  • Management of machine database with relative Trays
  • Management of compartments inside the Tray database, Give the compartment a location, this information appears during picking operations

    Define stocks and the maximum carrying capacity for that particular compartment
    Search for the compartments ordered by Tray number or item code

  • Management of movement by list. You can:
    • Create or change pick up, deposit or inventory lists
    • Simulate and/or implement these lists with immediate machine movement
    • Manually import-export data lists
  • Management of Material Access History with user name.

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

Manual sliding door

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Barcode reader

Barcode reader can be syncronised with Alpha VLM. It is a Perfect instrument for carrying out further checks on the item being picked or stored. It can be used as confirmation of a put-down/picking order and for user login on the machine.

Tray Partition

Partitions are useful for containing or dividing material in defined trays. The extensions for the tray’s edges are used to contain bulky materials.

The trays are able to be configured to have slotted perimeter side walls, with slotting to utilize the partitions and dividers.

Paneled constructions for Outdoor Installations

You can install your Alpha VLM at out side of your constructed area, to use maximum of height and we provide PEB structures to cover the machine.