Standing Seam Roofs (SSR)

A.N.I.L. KL 500 - Clip Lok System for Roofing

This is the arch roofing profile used to provide the aesthetic look to any building or structure without compromising with the required strength or the Necessities associated with any roof like hanging of lights, ventilation, use of gutters, etc. This profile gives you that arch roof with the use of Optimum engineering unlike other similar profiles available in the market.

Standing Seam Roof

  • Clip Lok Profile is a strong, durable, versatile, and long-length roof.
  • It combines the strength of steel with smart fluted pans and a lock-action rib design.
  • Even for roof pitches as low as 20 where no ends laps are used, the interlocking ribs, together with concealed fastening, ensure weather resistance.
  • It is designed particularly for low-pitch roof application.
  • The machine can be shifted to site for site fabrication.