Mission & Vision


To create a niche in market by Manuacturing & Supplying quality products and get admiration globally. Achieve comprehensive growth through customer centric products and technological leadership.


Be a leader by rightful means.

Core Values

  • Mutual Respect and Trust
  • Credibility of commitments and Work Ethics.
  • Firm resolve to protect environment.

Value Drivers

  • Freedom to Perform
  • Team Approach
  • Customer centric Solutions
  • Technological Edge
  • Social Responsibility and Environment

Corporate Objectives Business Portfolio Growth

  • To keep consolidating A.N.I.L.’s position as a leading supplier of quality products in domestic and international market.
  • To provide customized solutions based on customers need and implement projects on turnkey basis.
  • To diversify in areas related to PEB structures and become a leading player in steel structures business.
  • To establish a reliable and credible product brand in the domestic and international market.

Our Professional Pride

Innovative and Optimized technical solutions customized keeping ‘Customer First’ as main theme.

Our Facilities

The Company is well equipped with latest State-of-Art machinery to take on production up to 1 lakh MTPA with scope for future expansion.

The farsighted vision of the company is backed with state-of-art R&D facilities, fully integrated, aligned and designed to be mutually supported by the manufacturing processes.

Our Team

Our team is our strength. Around 300 highly skilled and intelligently organized engineers form our core team.

The net worth of our intellectual capital is growing with each passing day which defies the depreciation laws of accounting.