Secondary Structural Steel Members

Secondary Members

Secondary Members Consist Of Purlins, Girts, Eave Struts, Wind Bracings, Flange Bracings, Base Angles, Clips And Any Other Miscellaneous Structural Parts.

C,U,Z, Purlins

  • Purlins, Girts And Eave Struts Are Cold Formed Steel Members And Conform To The Specifications Of Astm 572 Or Equivalent Standard.
  • They Have A Minimum Yield Strength Of 345 Mpa.
  • Purlins And Girts Are Roll Formed C.U.Z Sections. They Are 150 Mm-400 Mm Deep With 50-80 Mm Flanges.
  • Each Flange Hasa 15 Mm Stiffening Lip Formed At 60°-90° From The Flange.


  • Eave Struts Are 150 Mn 400 Mm Deep With Wide Top Flange, A 116 Mm Wide Bottom Flange And Both Are Roll Formed Parallel To The Roof Slope.
  • Each Flange Hasa25 Mm Stiffening Lip.


  • Wind And Flange Bracings Are Usually Rod Bracings With A Minimum Yield Strength Of 250mpa And Conform The Specifications Of Astm A-36 Or Equivalent.
  • Any Other Miscellaneoussecondarystructural Members Come With Aminimum Yield Strength.